Laundry Treguer in Lesconil

Large capacity machines, to wash, dry your clothes


The laundry is open every day even the Sunday of 8h to 22h, starting the last washing machines at 21h.

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For stubborn stains plan a stain remover, treat stains as quickly as possible. We offer a professional washing powder multi-purpose, but you can bring your washing powder, liquid or powder but not in tablets. The addition of a softener is optional, take it with you if you wish. Our cash register accept €uro from € 0.10 to € 20 bills. No CB .Clear and detailed instructions will guide you to simply use our machines. Wash time is about 40min for low temperatures and about 1H for warmer ones. Allow about 20 to 30 minutes of drying.

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For your convenience, the laundromat has a hot and cold drinks and candy dispenser, as well as a books box and newspaper.

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